Career "clusters" are broad groups of careers that share common education and skill requirements. The people who work in certain clusters also share many of the same personal attributes. Please rate your top three choices (first, second and third) for career clusters:

NATURAL RESOURCES/AGRISCIENCE (ENVIRONMENTAL) _________ (Things/Ideas/Data)- Do you like the enviroment? Do you like working with plants and animals? Are you interested in physical resources such as land, water, and soil? Do you like to observe, learn, investigate and solve problems? Examples of jobs withen your cluster: Agricultural engineer, animal breeder, biologist, dairy technologist, farmer, fish and game warden, florist, food scientist, geologist, marine biologist, nursery manager, park ranger, soil technologist, water conservationist, wildlife manager, veterinarian/veterinary assistant and zoologist. Courses like: Ecology, Earth&Physical Science, Biology, Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, Geology, Environmental Science, Animal Science, Plant&Soil Science, Astronomy, etc.

ARTS AND COMMUNICATIONS _______(People/Ideas)- Do you like to communicate ideas? Do you like to share information? Are you creative, imaginative, and innovative? Do you like to express your ideas in writing, or with audio, visual, or graphic arts? Do you like to perform? Examples of jobs in your cluster: Actor/Actress, advertising copywriter, announcer, artist, camera operator, comedian, editor, fashion designer, film, fine arts, graphic arts, journalism, photographer, production designer, radio, telecommunications, and technical writer. Courses like Art (Painting, Drawing, Watercolors, Sculpture, Ceramics, Fiber Arts, Silk Screen, Studio Art, etc.), Music (Symphony Band, Concert Band, Choir, Elsingers, About Music, Music Tech, etc.), Journalism, Ceniad, English I, II, II, Creative Writing, Speech, Theatre, English Literature, AP Literature and/or Composition, World Languages (French, German, Spanish, etc.), Photography Tech, Drafting, CAD, Architecture, Jazz Dance, MHSAA-NCAA-Professional Sports (Football, Basketball, Baseball, Softball, Hockey, Gymnastics, Wrestling, Cross Country/Track, Swimming&Diving, Field Hockey, Soccer, Crew, Fencing, etc.), Radio-TV-Film, Acting, Broadcasting, etc. (Verbal-Linguistic, Bodily-Kinesthetic, Musical-Rhymthmical, Visual-Spatial learners)

BUSINESS, MANAGEMENT, MARKETING & TECHNOLOGY_________ (People/Data/Things)- Are you organized, accurate, and self-motivated? Are you a leader? Do you enjoy organizing people and planning events? Do you like computers and business machines? Do you like creating reports? Do you like promoting things? Do you enjoy working with numbers? Career examples in your cluster: Accountant, advertising account executive, banker, CAD and CAM operator, computer scientist, desktop publishing, distribution, finance, insurance, management, marketing, merchandising, paralegal, personnel, purchasing agent, real estate, and secretary. Courses like: Keyboarding, Word Processing, Web Design, Exploring Business, Business Management, Money, Accounting, Marketing-Merchandising-Management, Economics, CACC-Marketing, etc. (Intrapersonal, Interpersonal, Logical-Mathematial learners)

HEALTH SCIENCES ________(People/Things/Ideas)- Do you like to work with people? Are you interested in helping the sick or disabled? Are you interested in promoting wellness and sharing your knowledge? Do you like new technology? Do you like to solve complex problems and keep good records? Can you stay calm in an emergency? Career examples in your cluster: Art/musical therapist, athletic trainer, biomedical researcher, dentist/dental asst., dietician, hospital administrator, medical lab technologist, medical/health services manager, mortician, nurse, optometrist, paramedic, pharmacist, psychiatrist, psychologist and radiologist. Courses like: Human Anataomy & Physiology, Chemistry, Biology, Health & Wellness, Physical Education, CACC-Health Occupations, etc. (Interpersonal, Logical-Mathematical, Intrapersonal learners)

HUMAN SERVICES ________(People/Ideas)- Are you able to get along with a diverse group of people? Do you like serving the public? Do you have leadership ability? Are you patient and polite, yet able to make decisions? Are you dependable and hard working? Career options in your cluster: Armed forces, child care worker, community services, educator, firefighter, funeral director, hotel manager, judge, lawyer, parole officer, political scientist, postal worker, recreation director, sociologist, travel agent and youth organization worker. Courses like: Psychology, Anthropology & Sociology, World Civilization, U.S. History, U.S. Government, AP European History, Comparative World Religions, Law, Geography, CACC-Cosmetology, CACC-Hospitality&Food Management, etc. (Interpersonal, Intrapersonal, Logical-Mathematical learners)

ENGINEERING, MANUFACTURING & INDUSTRIAL TECHNOLOGY ________ (Things/Ideas/Data)-Do you enjoy math, technology or science? Do you have the ability to be accurate, analyze data and solve problems? Do you like designing things or drawing detailed plans? Do you like using machines and heavy equipment? Career options in your cluster: Aerospace engineer, airport manager, air traffic controller, anthropologist, archeologist, assembler, chemical engineer, drafter/design technician, electronics repair, engineer, machinist, manufacturing engineer, optician, physicist, printer, and radio dispatcher. Courses like: Physics, Mathematics (Algebra, Geometry, Math Analysis, Math Lab, Pre-Calculus, Statistics, Calculus AP-AB/BC), Engineering Tech, Principles of Technology, Drafting, CAD, Architecture, Wood Processing, Computer Programming, AP Computer Science, CACC-Auto Body Repair, CACC-Machine Tool, CACC-Building Trades, CACC-Electronics, CACC-Welding, CACC-Drafting/CAD, etc. (Bodily-Kinesthetic, Logical-Mathematical, Visual-Spatial learners)

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Career Clusters


Career Pathways by College Major/Job


Top Jobs in 1995 Top Jobs in 1960 Top Jobs in 1900
Retail Salesperson Retail Salesperson Farmers/farm laborers
Teachers Farmers/Farm Laborers General Laborers
Secretaries Teachers Private Household Workers
Truck Drivers Truck Drivers Retail Salespersons
Farmers/farm laborers Secretaries Secretaries
Janitors/cleaners Private Household Workers Carpenters
Cooks Manufacturing Laborers Railroad Workers
Nurses Bookkeepers Miners
Engineers Carpenters Truck Drivers
Freight/stock handlers Waiters/waitresses Teachers
Policemen/Guards Engineers Launderers
Bookkeepers Vehicle mechanics/repairers Dressmakers
Nursing Aides/Orderlies/etc. Apparel/textile workers Iron&Steel Workers
Vehicle mechanics/repairers Construction workers Machinists
Financial Salespersons Assemblers Painters
Health Technicians Janitors/cleaners Bookkeepers
Wholesale Commodities Brokers Sewers/stichers Cotton Mill Workers
Accountants/auditors Cooks Tailors
Waiters/waitresses Typists Blacksmiths
Hotel/restaurant managers Machinists Firefighters
Carpenters Manufacturing checkers/examiners/etc. Shoemakers
Precision production Supervisors Policemen/guards Sawyers
Math/computer scientists Packers/wrappers Masons
Moving equipment operators Cashiers Printers
Computer programmers Accountants/auditors Seamstresses
Postmen/clerks/messangers Deliverymen/routemen Physicians
Receptionists Painters Tobacco Factory Workers
Lawyers/judges Launderers Barbers/Hairdressers
Child care workers Attendants (hospital/etc.) Policemen/Guards
Professors Welders/frame cutters Butchers

Source: Forbes (May 6, 1996)

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