Caveats on Job Postings and Password Access

1-The summary of job postings are accurate and authentic. The summary includes comprehensive skimming of district web sites, intermediate school district web sites,, Michigan Association of School Administrators, MIREAP, college placement offices, newspapers classified job postings, etc.

2-School districts and personnel offices make mistakes on job postings, and may deny that a position was posted and/or factual details posted were inaccurate. It doesn't remove the fact that positions and details were posted on the web.

3-When positions are posted, there may be "internal" candidates working within the school district who may be interviewed and/or chosen so "outside" candidates aren't given full consideration. Many postings are placed on state or regional sites like MASA or great school prior to being placed on their own school district web site.

4-Some positions are withdrawn and/or reconfigured as part-time, "combo" positions, etc.

5-Some positions are posted to create a "pool" of candidates for future reference.

6-It is always a good idea to check with the school district to see if a posting is still current, has been amended, deadline has changed, position has been filled, etc. My postings are a historical summary, and not updated for filled positions.

Password Problems

My responsibility is to send you the password via e-mail, it is your responsibility to make sure it is useable and receivable. Please remember that many Spamguards regularly send Yahoo e-mails into "Spam" or "Junk." I can send you an e-mail, but you must receive it. I always re-check the passwords, and they do work. Your computer may be set up to use the "old" password so you may want to change your browser (Microsoft Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, etc.) and/or use the Control Panel (for Microsoft Explorer) to click on "Internet Options" and delete the browsing history, temporary files, cookies and saved passwords. Then, you must "reboot" for it to clear them. With Mozilla Firefox, at the top of the brower, click "Tools" and then "Options" and "Privacy" to clearn the browsing history, temporary files, cookies and saved passwords.