Do you have a plan to save a portion what you earn? What are your financial and economic goals? Do you have retirement plan? A will?


Do you have enough funds set aside for emergencies and/or if you lose your job? Are you secure financially? Do you have a financial portfolio? Do you have a financial advisor: accountant, financial planner, stockbroker, etc.?


Do you spend more than you make?


Do you have enough or too much? Over 1 million Americans file bankruptcy each year; will this happen to you?


What are your financial goals: a house, a car, furniture, assets, vacations???


What age would you like to retire? What type of lifestyle will you have? Over 80% of Americans are still dependent upon social security when they retire; will you be, too?

Will and/or Trust

Have you made final plans for when you die for your loved ones and/or those dependent upon you? Have you made provisions for your favorite charities? Have you made all final arrangements for burial, letters/video messages to your most loved ones, etc.?