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Styles/Types of Leadership

Visionary: Crystal clear vision, future-oriented, idealistic, not easily discouraged, would die to fulfill vision; indefatigable energy for vision; faith to believe vision can and will be actualized if the dream is communicated and discussed enough

Directional: Uncanny ability to select the right path when it is approaching a critical intersection; sorts through options, carefully assessing values, mission, people, strengths and weaknesses; willingness to change, wisdom

Strategic: Ability to break vision down to a series of sequential, achievable steps so an organization can march in step to the actualization of the vision; forms game plans everyone understands; challenges to "work the plan" and gets parts together (in sync)

Managing: Ability in organizing people, processes, systems and resources for mission achievements; monitors and establishes appropriate milemarkers on the road to achievement of the mission; feels satisfaction in achieving mission/goals

Motivational: Ability to keep teammates inspired; insight to needs of teammates; encourages and doesn't get bitter or vengeful when moral ebbs; it's a challenge to come up with new ways to motivate

Shepherding: Slowly builds teams, and loves, nurtures, supports, encourages and prays for teammates so much that the mission is accomplished almost through goodwill built in the team members by the shepherding leader; loves people into an earnest desire to do something together; reaches people who are starved for community

Team-Building: Knows vision and plan for achieving it; supernatural insight into people to find the "right" people with the "right" abilities with the "right" character with the "right" relationships with other team members to put the "right" positions for the "right" reasons who will produce the "right" results; Clear Vision, stranglehold on strategy; might not nurture or manage well; right people/rights skills

Entrepreneurial: Boundless energy, risk-taker; cannot provide steady, continued management; might possess any of the other styles; loves to be in the "start-up" mode and has to be involved with something new; Pioneer, something inside of them dies if they aren't involved with something new

Re-engineering: Turnaround environment enthusiasm; revitalizes hurting organizations; may or may not want to manage long-term; looking for other overhaul possibilities

Bridge-Building: Ability to bring a variety of constituent groups together under one umbrella of leadership so a complex organization may achieve its mission; negotiates, brings everyone together; loves relating to a huge diversity of people; lifts vision of subleaders to bring the whole vision together; best friend and advocate of all various groups; seeks to unite groups into a "win-win" situation; political/electoral style