Michigan Education Issues:

Michigan Education Formula: Defund the Schools, Tie Teacher Pay to Test Scores

The Truth About The Economy

General: Educational & Economic Environment/Trends

Daily Job Cuts

Total Bankruptcy Blog

Lay Off Watch

The Layoff List
Educators Searching for Answers to Money Woes
School District's Budgets Under Stress
School Districts Trying to Lure Teachers to Retire
Job Openings Head South for Teachers
50 Million Enrolled in Public Schools
Michigan Poised to Lift Graduation Rates
Declining Enrollment Hurts Michigan Schools
53% of College Students Graduate within 6 Years (Univ. of Michigan at 88%)
AHN: Highlights of Low Points in U.S. Economy
The $125,000 Teacher
State of Michigan
Michigan Economy: At a Glance
Michigan to Close 8 Prisons and Lay Off nearly 1,100
State of Michigan Lays Off 300
Auto Industry in Michigan/Bail Out Failure and Bankruptcy Solution
Chrysler files Chapter 11 Bankruptcy/Closed Plants
Chrysler Closes 789 Dealerships Nationwide
GMC to Close over 1100 Dealerships Nationwide

Retirements/Retirement Incentives

Judge Upholds Retirement Change Law

Appeals Court Stops 3% Reduction, Refund to Come

AFT to Appeal New Pension Increase

New Teacher Pension Changes Approved

Michigan Senate May End Retirement for New Teachers

Will Michigan Educators have to wait until age 60 to draw benefits?

Teachers Decry Changes to Health Care, Retirement and Pension Benefits

History of MPSERS

MPSERS Mandatory Contributions have doubled in last 8 years

A Tithe Extra for Retirement

Wisconsin Retirements Double after Loss of Collective Bargaining and Cuts to Benefits

Snyder Asks State Supreme Court to Reverse Lower Court Ruling on 3% Additional Retirement Contribution

Judge Upholds Order Rescinding 3% Retirement Contribution

Judge Orders 3% Retirement Contribution to be Stopped

State Retirement Incentive Lures Many

Final Number of Michigan Retirees: 17,063

14,000 Teacher Retirements in of 56,000 eligible, well short of 28,000 Goal by State of Michigan

June 11 Retirement Deadline is Fast Approaching

Teacher Retirements to Shake Up Schools

Retire Early or Teach: A Tough Decision for Some

Retirement FAQ

MEA FAQ on New Retirement Law

Retirement Bill Passes Despite Intense Opposition

Democrats want more time on Retirement Bill

Will Granholm Retirement Plan be an April Fool for Deadline and Timeline

Granholm offers Retirement Incentive with 1.6 Factor

School Officials Question Retirement

Bill to Force Charter Schools into Michigan Retirement System could earn Millions for State Budget

Tsunami of Teacher Retirements

Shortage of Teachers as Retirements Escalate

EPC Retirement Incentive Clients


Michigan School Data

Mackinaw Center's Michigan Public High School Context and Performance Index

Lansing State Journal 2007-2011 ACT & MME Score Index

Detroit News 2011 ACT & MME Score Index

Health Care

School District Health Care Costs, Plans Vary

School Districts Re-Thinking MESSA

Double Dipping: Contracting Retired School Administrators and Others

Teacher Unions Can't Negotiate Contracts, But Administrators Still Double Dipping

School Contracting with Retired Administrators is Morally Wrong

Tenure and Teacher Evaluation Legislation

99.4% of Michigan Teachers are "Effective" only 0.2% Ineffective

More Credits Required for Professional Certification

Drive-By Evaluations in Detroit

Detroit to Challenge Tenure Laws

Senate Approves Tenure Laws

Firing Teachers Could Get Easier

Teacher Tenure down to 58% in New York

Union Leaders State Tenure Legislation Won't Improve Teacher Quality, but Will Weaken Unions

Tenure Legislation Passes House

Major Tenure Overhaul in the Works?

New Tenure Law Not Fair to Teachers

When Tenure Reform Kicks In, Don't Expect Too Many Teachers to be Kicked Out

Guidance Counselors

LCC may give up Counselors

8 Components of College and Career Readiness Counseling

Counselors Promise Being Squandered

High School Guidance Counselors Get a Poor Score

School Counselors Focus on Optimism
Detroit Public Schools Needs to Protect Counselor Jobs
A Guidance Concern: Too Many Counselors Cut

Teachers Mental Health Can Put School Districts in a Bind

Study Finds Growing Work for School Counselors

School Consolidation/Partnerships

More than Half of Michigan Districts have Outsourced Per Best Practices Edict

Flint Carmen-Ainsworth partners with UM-Flint for 257 Students taking AP Classes

School Consolidation in Michigan

Howley on Consolidation

Higher Education

UM-Flint Tuition Doubles in 10 Years

Unemployment Trends

50% of Michigan Families affected by Unemployment

Michigan Unemployement Rate Forecast at 15% through 2011

Teen Unemployment at an All-Time High at 25.5%
Detroit Unemployment Rate is now 28.9%
Detroit has Highest Unemployment in Nation
Michigan Continues to Lead Nation in Unemployment 26 of Last 27 Months
Granholm Gives State Workers 30 Days Notice
Unemployment Worse Since the Great Depression?
Job Insecurity Worse for your Health than Unemployment
Unemployment Rate Tops 10% in 15 States in June
Congressman claims Michigan could have 20% unemployment
Over 740,000 Jobless in Michigan
Michigan's Unemployment Rate Rockets to 15.2%
Michigan Unemployment Rate Now 14.1%-State of Emergency?
Michigan Unemployment Rate 14.1% Expected to Get Worse Even If Economy Improves
Michigan Unemployment Highest since 1983 at 12.9%
Bankruptcy Filings: Over 6,000 per Day
Recession drive Bankruptcy Filings Up 40% in Grand Rapids

Swine Flu

Michigan Closed 194 Schools, 72,000 students impacted

157 Confirmed Swine Flue Cases in Michigan on May 16
Swine Flu closes Oak Park Schools
4 infected with Swine Flu at West Bloomfield Schools
Most Michigan Schools closed due to Swine Flu will Re-Open
Swine Flu Tests Schools
1st Michigan School closed due to Swine Flu: L'Anse Creuse
Swine Flu shuts down 300 Schools in U.S./Texas and Alabama cancel all High School Athletics for the remainder of the school year

MEA: Michigan Education Association

MEA Staffers enjoy raises in Pay as Union Dues Increase

MEA: Overpaying Staff, Carrying Too Much Debt

MEA: $124 Million in Debt

MEA: $42 per Pupil Extortion

MEA Members Pay $66 Million in Dues and Fees

MEA Lays Off 25 after losing 3,000 members and freezes salaries

Salary and Contract Negotiations

Michigan Passes Right to Work Legislation

Class Size Limits in Detroit are now 61 Students in Grades 6-12

Secretary of Education Duncan Says Minimum Teacher Salary Should Be $60,000, and Range to $150,000

Now, Emergency Managers are requested when negotiations stall

Update on New Teacher Contracts

Public Employee Salary Links: Sunshine Review

Districts re-negotiate Benefits

Bill Seeks to Halt Step Raises for Michigan Teachers

High Teacher Salaries Under Scrutiny in Michigan

88 in Ann Arbor top the $100,000 salary level

The High Cost of Low Teacher Salaries

Make Our School a Prison Plea from Ithaca Superintendent

Teachers Take a 12% Pay Cut Compared to Private Sector

190 Make over $100,000 at Grand Valley

$100,000 is the Pay Norm for Professors at Grand Rapids CC

Bill Would Freeze Teacher Pay

An Update on State Budget Cuts-National Picture

Schools hoping Edujobs Cash to Offset Cuts

NEA Job Loss Summary as of April 16, 2010

Layoff Notices Sent to Tens of Thousands; Over 8,000 in Michigan

Thousands in Education lose jobs across the USA

Area Teachers Brace for Layoffs

Michigan is amongst 10 States with Budget Disasters

40% of Teachers Don't Like Their Job: Disheartened and Disappointed

Age Discrimination: Hard to Prove, but a Fact in Job Crisis

Curriculum and Acceditation

Michigan Toughens Standards

Up to 200 Michigan Schools May Lose Accreditation

92 Worst Schools in Michigan are Identified

Uniform Curriculum for 48 States

Michigan becomes first state to adopt National Standards

Ranking Michigan Schools on Math/Language Arts Improvement

Grand Rapids puts core classes online

Obama to keep, but change No Child Left Behind

Many States offering a plan to let students enroll in college after 10th grade

Utah may eliminate Senior Year to Save Money

10 Pupil Accounting Days per School Year???

Granholm's No Worker Left Behind Failing just like the Michigan "Promise" Scholarship

Detroit Denby Principal Carries a Baseball Bat, perhaps the Governor should issue Baseball Bats to all Teachers

30% of Michigan Students Fail to Meet one ACT Benchmark

Teacher Buyouts Could Prove to be Popular

Michigan Lawmakers target "deal" on Teacher Retirement; 40-50,000 eligible to Retire with Proposal

Former Willow Run Superintendent Going for Top Job in Illinois

Former Willow Run Superintendent Accused of Misappropriating Funds

Michigan Senate proposes more cuts to school funding

After Losing Jobs, Few Older Workers are Up for Re-Training

School District Checkbooks Online

New Bill would cap Teacher Pay at $79,650, same as a Legislator; Administrator at $132,750 75% of Governor

Message from State of Michigan Budget Office

42 States have cut School Services

Michigan Fails to earn Federal Funds in Race to the Top Competition

Mackinaw Center: Let's Compare Michigan School District Finances 2004-2010

No Automatic Pay Hikes Without a Contract (that unions can't negotiate) under HB 4152

Surplus restores $310 Million to Schools

43 Michigan School Districts operating in Deficit, More to Come under Rick Snyder's Leadership

All Public Employees to Pay 20% of Health Care Costs Per New Bill

East Jackson Hires Dean, Public Reverses Decision

Less than one week from start of school and many Detroit teachers don't know their assignments

Plymouth-Canton hires 83 new teachers