What do others thing of you?

Your friends?

Your parents and/or family?

Your teachers and/or coaches?

People you work with?

People in your neighborhood?

How do you really know what they think? (Real vs. Perceived)

Here are some Do's and Don'ts:

Demonstrate competence
Maintain high visibility
Ask for feedback -- good and bad
Find a mentor
Be careful with e-mail and voice mail
Treat others with respect
Show you are a team player
Get noticed for the right reasons
Be discreet
Avoid extra assignments
Hide in your office
Ignore how you are perceived
Assume you know all of the answers
"Flame" via e-mail or voice mail
Dismiss others as stupid
Be self-centered
Brag about your accomplishments
Be known as the office jokester
Gossip or talk about others

Here are some good websites on the subject of reputation:


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