When I began posting school counselor jobs early in the 2000s, the idea came from John Rinke of the Michigan Counseling Association who would post an occasional listing. My idea was that this service would be significantly more comprehensive. At first I only charged $5 for subscribers just to see if there was interest. Later, I began charging $25 for a 3 month subscription as there was definitely demand for prospective and experienced counselors to utilize the service.  As time went on, I also posted administrator, teacher and ancillary services positions with continued subscriber interest, and increased the fee to $39.99 for a 3 month subscription. Over the past 13 years, the service has helped over 200 subscribers with 98% renewing their subscriptions at least once. Some subscribers have landed several jobs; however, the feedback I’ve received from many subscribers have led me to learn the following:

As a result, I have decided that while my service is valuable to many, a job posting board offers little personal satisfaction to myself nor does it truly help subscribers acquire the job they seek. I have concluded that the most effective way I can assist job seekers is to offer my job posting service in the following format:

While I recognize that not all potential subscribers will be satisfied with this format which may contribute to less subscribers, it is the format that are best suited to my experience and expertise helping and supporting my job seeking subscribers.

It is sad that one spends thousands of dollars on gaining an education and credential, but won't spend a hundred dollars on investing in themselves for a job search. Unfortunately those thousands of dollars invested in your education as a counselor most likely haven't prepared you on your cover letter or resume documents which are absolutely critical in landing you an interview opportunity. My service helps you not only know about job opportunities, but places you in position so you don't miss critical deadlines; more importantly, it helps you improve your vitae documents so you may secure interviews. Since I am also available for debriefing after the interview, that may be a valuable asset to help you reflect, assess, and improve your interviewing skills. There aren't any colleges, universities, or professional organizations like MCA, MASA, etc. that help students in these valuable job search areas nor are their any educational or counseling organizations that support candidates like yourself for your job search either. 

Historical Summary of Michigan School Guidance Counselor Job Postings 2003-2015

2015 Michigan School Guidance Counselor Job Postings