Public Act 335 (Section 1279B) of the State Code (1993)allows any high school student be offered the opportunity to "test out" of any course offered by their high school except civics which is statutorily mandated. Students must exhibit mastery of a course content by attaining a grade of C+ (78%)or better on a comprehensive examination. The examination may include, but not be limited portfolios, papers, projects, presentations or performances. The grade will not be included in the student's grade point average and no credit will count towards graduation requirements; however, the student will have fulfilled the course requirement so they can move to the next level of course sequence. For example, a student completing 8th grade Math may earn a C+ or better on an Algebra 1 (both semesters) in order to begin 9th grade in Geometry which is the next level sequence (8th grade Math then Algebra 1 then Geometry then Algebra 2, etc.). Once the student achieves this new level, the student may not take a lower sequence level for high school credit.

Here is a sample testing out form:

Students must request this testing option prior to May 21st for 1st semester or November 15th for 2nd semester. Students will be given a course syllabus, texbook, a set of course outcomes and any other pertinent course materials for the exam at least 2 weeks prior to the exam by the instructor. A conference may be set up with the parents, student, teacher, counselor and principal prior to the test.


Date of Request ____________ Deadline: May 21st for August 1-15, 2007; November 15 for December 10, 2007-January 11, 2008

Name __________________________________ Grade ______

Class Reqesting to Test Out ___________________________________________

Rather than enroll in this course and complete the course requirements, I am requesting the opportunity to demonstrate mastery of the content in the above course. I understand that this assessment will include an examination which may include a written report, presentation, project, portfolio or other means of assessing proficiency. I understand that I must earn a C+ or better (78% or higher) on this assessment to test out of the semester course requirements. I further understand that I do not earn credit for this course; rather, by demonstrating proficiency, it entitles me the opportunity to enroll in a higher course sequence.

Student Signature ___________________________________________

Parent Signature ____________________________________________

Counselor Signature _________________________________________

Principal Signature __________________________________________


Teacher Assigned ___________________________________ Date ___________

Materials given to student: Textbook ____ Date _______ Syllabus ____ Date _______ Course Outcomes ____ Other Materials _________________________ Date ________

Date of Test _______________ Test Results _______

I hereby affirm that this student, _______________________, has ( ) has not ( ) demonstrated proficiency by passing the course ___________________________ with a C+ or better (78% or higher)! This student is now eligible to enroll in the following course ____________________________ which is the next sequence in the curriculum.

Instructor _____________________________ Date _________

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Physical Education Option: In December, 1993 legislation was passed which amended the Michigan School Code to provide a physical education "opt out" for grade 10 students who are involved in athletics. The law states that, "a school district may credit a pupil's participation in extra-curricular athletics or other extra-curricular activities involving physical activity as meeting the physical education requirement for the pupil." As a result, students who are listed on the player roster and participate in Michigan High School Athletic Association sports, or lacrosse, rowing, girls ice hockey, or sailing may "opt out" of physical education in grade 10 during the season of their sport(s). This provision applies only to students who are enrolled in more than 60 credit hours of course work.

Students must apply for this physical education option during the first full week of each semester. Specific physical education outcomes are assessed in grade 10. Students who opt out of all or part of grade 10 physical education are expected to complete the assessments by arrangement with the Physical Education Department Chair. Additionally, students who opt out of grade 10 physical education must recognize that they may miss important units such as CPR. Make-up arrangements to learn these units should be made with the student's physical education teacher or the department chair.

A student who quits an approved activity before the season is over (excluding injured students who are no longer able to complete) will not receive a final grade of "pass" and will be required to make up the physical education credit.

Section 1502:

(1) Health and physical education for pupils of both sexes shall be established and provided in all public schools of this state. Subject to subsection (2), each pupil attending public school in this state who is physically fit and capable of doing so shall take the course in physical education.

(2) A school may credit a pupil’s participation in extracurricular athletics or other extracurricular activities involving physical activity as meeting the physical education requirement for the pupil under subsection (1).

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