What's your True Color?
I act on a moment’s notice.
Witty, Charming, Spontaneous
I consider life as a game, here and now.
Impulsive, Generous, Impactful
I need fun,variety, stimulation,excitement.
Optimistic, Eager, Bold
I value skill, resourcefulness, courage.
Physical, Immediate, Fraternal
I am a natural trouble-shooter, a performer, a competitor.I act on a moment's notice.

Orange Personality:

Things that frustrate oranges:

Things oranges do to frustrate others:

· Rules and laws

· Ignoring rules

· Same routine

· Being undisciplined

· Deadlines

· Lack of planning

· Paperwork

· Being quick-tempered

· Lack of adventure

· Thinking out loud

· Too much structure

· Impulse buying

I need to feel unique, authentic.
Enthusiastic, Sympathetic, Personal
I look for meaning, significance in life.
Warm, Communicative, Compassionate
I need to contribute, encourage and care.
Idealistic, Spiritual,Sincere
I value integrity, unity in relationships.

Blue Personality:

Things that frustrate blues:

Things blues do to frustrate others:

· Lying

· Lack of planning

· Violence

· Being passive

· Personal rejection

· Avoiding conflict

· Lack of communication

· Suppressing problems

· Lack of close friends

· Being too generous

· Sarcasm

· Being overly sentimental

I need to follow rules and respect authority.
Loyal, Dependable, Prepared
I have a strong sense of what is right and wrong in life.
Thorough, Sensible, Punctual
I need to be useful and to belong.
Faithful, Stable, Organized
I value home, family and tradition.
Caring, Concerned, Concrete
I am a natural preserver, parent, helper.

Gold Personality:

Things that frustrate golds:

Things golds do to frustrate others:

· Irresponsibility

· Control freak

· Lack of planning

· Being bossy and controlling

· Lack of discipline

· Working long hours

· Laziness

· Being obsessive

· High risk taking

· Being judgmental

· Illegal behavior

· Planning for everything

I seek knowledge/understanding.
Analytical, Global, Conceptual
I live life by my own standards.
Cool, Calm, Collected
I need explanations and answers.
Inventive, Logical, Perfectionistic
I value intelligence, insight, fairness, justice.

Green Personality:

Things that frustrate greens:

Things greens do to frustrate others:

· Routine

· Not being sociable

· Small-talk

· Living in the future

· Plagiarism

· Being wordy

· Illogical arguments

· Blowing up when criticized

· Social functions

· Not going with the flow

· Incompetence

· Being to independent

True Colors