Things I've done to help cope with aging and the aging process
Aerobic and Anaerobic Workouts
*Committed and complete more to more stretching before, in-between and after workouts/running
*Ran/jogged less often with less mileage (moved to more elliptical/stationary bike)
*Worked out/lifted weights less often with less weight and less repetitions
*Committed to being more hydrated/drank more water, started drinking more orange juice for vitamin C and taking a vitamin C supplement, V-8 juice for vegetable servings
*Committed to taking a multivitamin-Mega Man twice daily
*Committed to eating less and healthier-Atkins, then South Beach Diet, then You on a Diet and keeping weight down
*Purchased and utilized Conquer HA (Hyralauric acid)
*Purchased and utilized Microhydrin
*Purchased and utilized Flaxseed Oil
*Purchased and utilized Colloidal Minerals
*Committed to seeing a chiropractor and massage therapist weekly (insurance permitting)
*Committed to preventative health care: sigmoid testing, prostrate exams, colonoscopy, etc.
*Underwent treatment by orthopedic physicians including prescriptions for anti-inflammatory medicines like Motrin (ibuprofen), Celebrex, etc./Endovenus Procedure-EVLT for circulation/Hip Arthroscopy
*Underwent treatments by a Dermatologist
*Purchased orthodics for Plantar Fascitis (heel spurs), utilized slippers, sandals and more comfortable shoes
*Underwent treatment by a Podiatrist for Shockwave Therapy/Cortisone like shots (Marcaine/Devamethsone)
*Committed to seeing medical/dental/vision professionals regularly; changed medical professionals as needed to more caring, better character and more competent people. Also, keep a good medical reference manual like Merck, WebMD, Mayo Clinic, DMOZ, Dr. Weil, PsychCentral, etc. to research health issues, answer basic questions and to prepare for medical/dental/vision appointments. One needs a personal and medical support network.
*Purchased and utilized Boiron Calendula lotion/cream--skin is body's largest organ, dry skin is a problem with aging
*Purchased and utilized Bath Salts-Batherapy (Para Laboratories)--watch skin getting too dry
*Committed to hot showers every morning and hot baths every evening--watch skin getting too dry
*Iced feet or other areas of need every night for 30 minutes as needed
*Committed to going to bed earlier and getting more sleep at night, reduced stress, multi-tasking, tried to keep perspective, positive attitude and a good sense of humor; as one ages, one has less ability and energy to handle work, remember and do other daily tasks so planning, preparation and organization become even more important to approaching and completing tasks




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