Layoffs/Retirements/Buyouts/School Closings/Pay Cuts/Loss of Negotiating Rights in Michigan:

Michigan Education Issues

Newspapers in Michigan

50% of all new college graduates are unemployed or underemployed

Average College Debt for Undergraduate=$25,250 (Law School=$75,000; Medical School=$150,000) (Credit Card Debt Statistics)

Education Gap between Rich and Poor Grows (College is Increasingly Out of Reach for Poor)

Governor Snyder Pays $18,225 Per Year for Daughter to Attend Private School, Cuts $9,600 Per Pupil Public School Funding

School Unions Seeking Bank and Credit Information from MEA Members

Schools Try to Decide What to Cut

Area Districts Face Tough Choices

100,000 Teachers Nationwide Face Layoffs

New Teachers Face Harsh Reality: Michigan School Hiring is Bleak

Teachers Facing Weakest Market in Years, Michigan State University advises Teaching Grads to look Out of State

Michigan Schools Closing Doors: 40 Districts, 75 Buildings

Michigan exodus continues: Is the State Dying?

Declining Enrollment Common in Michigan Schools

50% of Michigan University Graduated Leaving the State

Teacher BuyOuts Could Prove to be Too Popular

Major Cuts: High Schools Face Hard Economic Times

A Career in Education, 2010

Teacher World Blog

Detroit Metro Area


Detroit Schools Plan 10% Pay Cut, School Closings (State approves 10% Pay Cut)

Bigger Class Sizes as Detroit has $49 Million Budget Deficit

Debt Plan could close another 26 Detroit Schools

Class Size Limits in Detroit are now 61 Students in Grades 6-12

DPS Releases Contract Imposed on Union

Terms of Contract still a mystery

Contract called a Farce

Union Balks at Tyrannical Edict

Contract imposed on Detroit Teachers

1900 More Exiting DPS

4100 Detroit Teachers Laid Off

Detroit Closing 16 More Schools, and Offering 4 More for Charter

DPS Laying Off 87 during Fall MEAP Testing

10% Pay Cut Imposed on Detroit School Employees

5,466 Detroit Teachers get Pink Slips

Judge Upholds BOB Ruling

Wayne County Judge Puts the Brakes on BOB

BOB Proposes 41 Detroit Schools to become Charters

Detroit Rescinds all April layoffs

Detroit School Board Chief Accused of Lewd Criminal Acts

BOB spares 17 schools, 32 to close

Detroit Leads Nation Again in Poorest Reading Scores

BOB gets "green light" for more cuts, school closings

Detroit Sends Layoff Notices to 2,000

BOB may cancel Summer School

BOB recommends 45 more Detroit Schools to Close

Detroit Parents Vote for Bond, then find out local schools recommended for closing

Detroit to Graduate 90% by 2020???

BOB Gets $41.7 Million Dollar Upgrades including $17 Million for Security Cameras and IDS

BOB Gives Himself an $80,000 Raise While Demanding Others To Take Cuts

40 More Detroit Schools to Close

BOB offers $80 Million Plan for Academic Overhaul

Detroit 4th and 8th grade students score National Record Lows in Achievement Tests

No Deal for Detroit Teachers

Bing Laying Off 460

Archdiocese of Detroit Cuts 77 Positions
Detroit Public Schools Vacates 2600 Jobs at 41 Schools
Detroit Gives 20% of Employees 48 Hours Notice to Re-Apply for Jobs or Be Replaced
Detroit Public Schools gives Control to Private Sector
Detroit Public Schools Reveals a $148 Million Strategy
Detroit Public Schools Considers Bankruptcy after axing 2451 employees
Detroit Public Schools Pushes Out 1,776 more
Detroit Pubic Schools to Lay Off 900+
33 Detroit Principals are Non-Renewed
Detroit Public Schools has $306 Million Deficit
Detroit Public Schools Lays off 600 and Closed 23 Schools

Macomb and Lapeer (Macomb Daily)

Lapeer to merge high schools

Grosse Pointe approves Unlucky 13

Utica Schools Chip Away at Budget Deficit

Grosse Pointe Votes to Lay Off 33 Teachers

St. Clair Shores Lakeview Lays Off 39 Teachers

Warren Fitzgerald Looks to Lay Off 22 Teachers

Chippewa Valley Pink Slips 338

Utica Pink Slips 207, anticipates eliminating 80 Teaching positions

Utica Eliminates 120 Positions

L'Anse Cruese to Cut 6

Utica Shutting Down 4 Schools

Share a Superintendent to Save Money

Chippewa Valley seeks Wide Range of Cuts

Chippewa Valley Eyes Closings

Center Line may close an Elementary School

Utica Closing 4 Elementary Schools

Utica Looking at 43

Grosse Pointe Schools Lays Off 74 Teachers
Grosse Pointe Public Schools lays off 74
Grosse Pointe Recalls 17
Utica Schools dismiss 84
Future Negotiations to play a Role in Romeo's Balanced Budget
Romeo Schools Staff, Parents Worry over Possible Cuts
Clintondale Schools axe 15 Probationary Teachers

St. Clair

Marysville laying off 25 teachers and administrators

Port Huron MESSA Premiums Up 20%

Port Huron Mid-Year Cuts

Port Huron Schools say Good Bye to 75 Employees

Oakland (Hometown Life: Observer/Eccentric)

Ferndale may lay off 30

Waterford Cuts 24 teachers as $8 million to be cut

63 Pontiac Teachers Laid Off

Pontiac School District Employees may lose health benefits

Ferndale to Lay Off Employees

Layoff Notices sent to Waterford Teachers

Ortonville Brandon Lays Off 28

10 Potential Budget Cuts in Rochester

10% Pay Cut in Madison Heights

Pontiac Lays Off 40 More

Pontiac Lays Off 95 including 43 Teachers

Birmingham Teachers Approve 2 Year Contract

Lake Orion finalized Budget

Bloomfield Hills to Consolidate Two High Schools

Clawson Lays Off 15 Teachers

Berkley Looking at 45

75 Teachers, Counselors Laid Off in Novi

Royal Oak to Lay Off 27 Teachers

West Bloomfield Teachers Have 10% Involuntary Pay Cut

1000 Retirees in Oakland County

Schools Brace for Retirements

Hazel Park O.K.s Deals

Pontiac to lay off 25

Troy readies for Cuts to Staff and Library

Novi looks to Cut $6.7 Million and laying off 75 teachers

Farmington anticipates hundreds of layoffs

Holly taking $1 Million from Piggy Bank

Clarkston Cuts 53 Teachers

Farmington Cuts

Oak Park Recommending School Closings

Troy's New Budget Includes Laying Off 60 and New Fees

Ortonville Brandon Looks to Cut $3.5 Million

Oakland ISD Cuts

Districts Consider Massive Cuts

School Funding Crisis in Oakland County
Novi makes Cuts
Oakland County to lose 25,000 jobs in 2009 after losing 20,000 in 2008
Pontiac Schools Lay Off Everyone: 760 May Be Affected
Waterford Schools make $4.2 Million in Cuts
Holly Schools to Offer 15 Teacher Buy Outs
West Bloomfield Schools Tallys 84 Layoffs
Southfield Public Schools Employees agree to a 2% Pay Cut
Southfield Public Schools may lay off 150
Southfield Public Schools lays off 104 teachers
Clawson Schools Slash 16 Teachers
Avondale Schools Trim 30

Wayne (Downriver News Herald)

Plymouth-Canton to Layoff 22

Southgate Approves 44 Layoffs

Southgate to Close 3 Schools

Dearborn Heights Considers Closing Madison

Wayne-Westland Big Loser in State Funding

Dearborn lays off 44 in an attempt to save $3.3 Million

Inkster Approves Layoffs and Wage Reductions

Dearborn Heights Looking at Closing Elementary

Farmington Teachers Settle Saving District $9 Million over 2 years

Northville Teachers Pay 900% More for Health Insurance

Dearborn Teachers to Own Health Plan

Southgate Sends Layoff Notices to 56

Trenton Lays Off 59 Teachers

Northville Lays Off 59

Northville Proposes 50 Teacher Layoffs

Plymouth-Canton looking at cutting 80 teachers

Lincoln Park Approves 80 Teacher Layoffs

Wyandotte to lay off 28

River Rouge Teachers take a 15% pay cut

Livonia Pink Slips 121 Teachers

33 in Garden City Opt for Retirement

36 Pink Slipped in Trenton

Grosse Pointe reaches tentative contract settlement

Up to 60 may retire early in Northville

Wyandotte tackles Cuts

Belleville Cuts

Garden City Eyeing Cuts

Wayne County looking to furlough 700, 200 permanently

Dearborn Retirements ease Layoffs

Highland Park laying off 48 at semester

Dearborn Cuts 200, more to come

Livonia eyes $6 million cuts for Mid-Year

Wayne-Westland to Close 6 Schools Mid-Year

Wayne-Westland to close 7 schools

Schools Look at Mid-Year Layoffs

Livonia Schools Pink Slip 107
Northville Schools Cut Staff
Van Buren Schools Lay Off 81 Employees
Wyandotte Schools Exit 9
Dearborn Schools Cut 80
Crestwood Schools Cut 32
Taylor Schools Send 34 Packing
Wayne County Sends 500 to Unemployment

Ann Arbor/Ypsilanti Area ( and Heritage News)

154 Re-Called at Ann Arbor

Ann Arbor decides that 79% of its Budget Cuts Result in Staff Reductions

Milan Weighs Privatization and Staff Layoffs

Milan to Vote on Staff Cuts on June 11

233 Get Pink Slips in Ann Arbor

350 in Ypsilanti and Willow Run receive Layoff Notices

Ann Arbor Layoffs for 2013 (80 Employees and $8.67 million in cuts)

Milan to Cut 15-25 Positions

Mid-Year Layoffs still possible in Ypsilanti

New Ann Arbor Budget Cuts of $3.84 Million eliminate 4 Counselor Positions

Willow Run Sends 26 Away

Retirements in Washtenaw County so far

93 Layoffs, 3 School Closings Considered in Ypsilanti

Ann Arbor Proposes $15 Million Budget Cuts

Saline's New Budget Removes 18 Teachers

Ann Arbor Proposes Eliminating 70 Teaching Positions, Bus Service

What does the "Average" Teacher in Ann Arbor Really Make? ($72,058)

Ann Arbor's Superintendent Signs a 5 Year, $1.225 Million Base Contract

Willow Run to close 2 Elementary Schools

Manchester Lays off 7 Teachers

Ann Arbor Removes 200 Ineligible Dependents from Health Plan

Ann Arbor Gets 11 New Principals for 2011-2012

More Metro Detroit School Districts Given Layoff Notices

Saline Teachers Agree to $1.5 Million in Concession, 68 are Laid Off

Saline Recalls 28 of 68 Laid Off

Willow Run Teachers Agree to Pay Cuts

Saline calls back all, but 3

Saline calls back 28

Ann Arbor adopts budget cutting 90 teachers

Ann Arbor Laying Off 191 Teachers

Ypsilanti Pink Slips 18

63 Saline Teachers see Pink

Ann Arbor to Eliminate 81 Positions including 50 Teachers

Ypsilanti closes 2 Schools

Tecumseh Budget Cuts 19

Tecumseh Offers Buy Out

Tecumseh Looking at 10 to Cut

26 to Retire in Tecumseh

Chelsea approves layoffs for 19

Chelsea lays off 10 teachers, closes school

Ann Arbor may save $2.4 Million annually by privatizing bus drivers, custodians

Saline cuts 6 at Semester

Willow Run Mid-Year Cuts Approved--10 Teacher Layoffs

Washtenaw County Teachers Won't Re-Negotiate Contracts in Middle of the Year

Ypsilanti Schools to Eliminate 40 Teaching Positions over next 4 Years

Ypsilanti must make $6.4 Million in Cuts over next Two Years

Saline asks Unions to Re-Negotiate Contracts

County Millage Fails, What's Next?

Ypsilanti Lincoln Schools Concessions Avoid Layoffs
Ypsilanti Schools Approve Deficit Budget
Ypsilanti Schools lay off 3 teachers
Ypsilanti School Employees agree to a 3% Pay Cut
Ypsilanti Willow Run Schools lays off 18 teachers/closes Elementary School
Tecumseh Schools remove 16
Saline Area Schools to lay off 8 teachers

Livingston County Area (Livingston Daily)

Howell Layoffs on the Horizon

Howell to Lay Off 21

Brighton to Lay Off 3 Administrators

Brighton goes for an $88.4 Million Bond Issue

Hazing Scandal in Howell brings season to an end, 3 coaches fired

Howell Teachers reach tentative deal

Fowlerville laying off 11

Brighton changes mind, only 44 teachers to be Laid Off

Brighton Looking at Laying Off 186 for 2010-2011

Hartland Schools are $7.5 Million in Red
Brighton Schools has $6.5 Million Deficit
Brighton Area Schools lay off 54 teachers and Offer Buy-Out
Howell Schools Cut $2.7 Million
Howell Schools Dismiss 10 Guidance Counselors Amongst Cuts
Howell Schools prepare to lay off 30 employees
Pinckney Schools Incentives Avoid Layoffs
Pinckney Schools to Lay Off 14
Pinckney Schools Eye 21 Layoffs

Grand Rapids/Holland Area (Holland Sentinel)

Grand Rapids sends 90 layoff notices

Grand Rapids Talks Incentives after 80 Teachers Leave

Grand Rapids Lays Off 216

Exodus in Grand Rapids Means More Cuts

Holland West Ottawa Lays Off 50+

Unprecedented Teacher Concessions Help Districts Save Programs, Cut Layoffs

Wyoming agrees to $3 million in concessions

Wyoming has 85 Jobs on the Line

West Ottawa Approves Cuts

Forest Hills to Call Back Some of the 125 Laid Off

Grand Rapids Issues Warning: $22.3 Million Short Means Layoffs, School Closings

Kent ISD Freezes 300 non-union employee salaries

Rockford (50 Teachers), Grand Rapids Northview (49 Teachers) Issue Layoff Notices

Kentwood Approves 60 Teacher Layoffs

Sparta Lays Off 38, but Recalls 29

Comstock Park Pink Slips 54

Whitehall Teachers get a 3 year contract

Grandville Retirement Incentive Entices 31 Teachers

Wayland gives 6 teachers pink slips

Grand Haven Sends More Layoff Notices

Grand Haven Plans to Lay Off 7

Kentwood Laying Off 34

Painful Cuts Loom: 12 Districts Prepare to cut $28 Million

Buyouts offered to 24 at Lowell

Saranac cutting 12

Black River cutting 25

East Grand Rapids laying off 5, but 45 teaching positions affected by cuts

With all the cuts and layoffs, Holland Pushes for $73 Million in Bonds

Hudsonville to Use Cuts, Savings to Fix Deficits

Allendale forgoes 5 administrators

Spring Lake furloughs 14

Grand Rapids has Good News--Only 45 Exited at Semester

Hastings exits 11

Coopersville may layoff 12

Byron Center to Make Mid-Year Cuts: 12 Teachers, Team Teaching, Block Scheduling

Allendale Looking at 11 Mid-Year Cuts

East Grand Rapids to announce layoffs in December

Comstock Park Cutting Staff at Mid-Year

Wyoming Cuts 57 Jobs

Kelloggsville may offer Buy Outs

Mid-Year Cuts Threatened

West Michigan Approves Deep Cuts
Grand Rapids Negotiations Continue
Grand Rapids Schools Lay Off 141 Teachers
Grand Rapids Schools Lay Off 95
Grand Rapids Area Schools Look to Clean Up Budget Woes
Grand Rapids Kenowa Hills Schools Approves Buy Outs
Jenison Teachers Protest Privatization of Custodial Services
Rockford Schools Lay Off 7
Rockford Calls Trimester Scheduling a Success
Byron Center Schools Lay Off 55
Byron Center Schools to Cut 32
Byron Center Schools Approve Budget with $1.8 Million Cuts
Educational Budget Woes Felt in Byron Center/Wyoming areas
Kent City Schools Plays Retire, Then Re-Hire
Kentwood Schools Lay Off 153
Comstock Park Schools Lay Off 45
Wyoming Godfrey-Lee Schools Impose Mandatory Furloughs
Update: Holland Schools Lay Off 40
Holland Schools to lay off 20 teachers
Grand Haven Early Teacher Retirement Incentive Helps Balance Budget

Muskegon Area

Ludington Laying Off Three

Entire Staff at Muskegon Heights Gets Laid Off from Emergency Manager

25% of Muskegon Heights Teachers forced to quit

Muskegon Heights Lays Off 158, Entire Staff

School Closing Part of $5 Million Budget Cut in Muskegon

Muskegon Schools Eliminate 6 Jobs

North Muskegon Pink Slips 17

Muskegon Mona Shores $3.5 Million victim of Ponzi Scheme

Ludington approves 24 Teacher Layoffs

Muskegon Schools Lay Off 9 Teachers
Muskegon Schools Reach an Agreement with Teachers
Wayland Union Schools Lay Off 22
Whitehall Cuts Budget and Uses Fund Equity
Allegan ESA Pink Slips 20

Kalamazoo and Western Michigan

Battle Creek Lays Off 20

Albion Lays Off 14 High School Teachers and Paras

Albion May Close High School

Niles Brandywine targets Tech Support for Layoffs

Portage Lays Off 5 Teachers

Niles doesn't anticipate Deficit

Niles Brandywine Lays Off 3

Battle Creek Lays Off 26

Battle Creek Cuts 6: 4 Teachers and 2 Librarians

Portage Reinstates Last of Pink Slipped Teachers

Otsego move from MESSA to save $4,200 per Employee

Portage Teachers Won't Agree to Unfair and Inequitable Concessions

Kalamazoo Teachers Approve Contract with 2% Pay Cut

Niles to Lay Off 22 Teachers

Quincy Pink Slips 24 of 70 Total Teachers

Comstock Lays Off 26

Bloomingdale Lays Off 8

Mattawan School Board Approves 207 Teacher Layoffs

Kalamazoo County Layoffs and Rumors

Report Chronicles Cuts in Western Michigan Schools

Benton Harbor looking to lay off 40 and close schools

Benton Harbor may close 4 schools

Superintendent Non-Renewed in Decatur

Niles Brandywine recommends 17 Layoffs

Branch ISD Laying Off 14

Portage and Saugatuck Mid-Year Cuts

Battle Creek Schools May Lay Off 40 at Mid-Year

Battle Creek Lakeview sends 15 Out

Portage Schools prepare for Mid-Year Cuts

Portage Schools Cut 23 Custodians and Balances Budget
Benton Harbor Schools Exit 6
Coldwater Lays Off 25

Northern Michigan and Upper Peninsula

Morley-Stanwood to Cut

Boyne considers Layoffs and Privatization

Chassell Offers Retirement Incentive

Boyne City Layoffs Expected

Manistique Approves 13 Teacher Layoffs

Traverse City Workers Respond to "Slap in the Face"

Gladstone sending off 17

Petoskey offers Retirement Incentive

24 Retirements in Traverse City to reduce Layoffs

Pellston has Mid-Year Cuts

Escanaba Schools Lays Off 10 Teachers
Escanaba Schools Lay Off 10 Teachers and a Nurse
Marquette Teachers Offer Plan
Suttons Bay Schools to Displace 30 Employees including a Guidance Counselor
3 Laid Off in Petoskey Schools, More on the Way
Traverse City Schools Lay Off 18
Alcona Lays Off 3

Flint/Saginaw/Bay City Areas

Saginaw to decide about closing high school soon

Flint to outsource 185 positions

Flint Deficit grows by $10 Million, and now at $20 Million

Midland Braces for Cuts

More Layoffs at Flint

Flint Approves 91 Layoffs

Genesee Area Skills Center to Lay Off 54

Goodrich Lays Off 19

Flint Laying Off 139 (plus another 75 non-teaching staff)

Goodrich Eyes Layoffs and Privatization

Saginaw Buena Vista Can't Make Payroll

Grand Blanc to Lay Off 42 Elementary Teachers

Saginaw Diocese looking at closing 50 Churches

Flint to Lay Off 237

Saginaw Pink Slips 85

Goodrich Lays Off 17 Teachers

28 Administrators in Flint get pink slipped

Grand Blanc Schools Pass Budget with no Layoffs

Pinconning Budget Based on Concessions

Flint Weights Cutting 463

Saginaw Lays Off 127 including 65 Teachers and 6 Administrators

Carrollton Lays Off 65 Teachers, 6 Administrators and 50 Support Staff

Fenton Approves 15 Staff Layoffs

Burton Bendle Lays Off 6 Teachers, 3 Social Workers

Montrose Lays Off 32

Goodrich Lays Off 25

Flint Underestimated, 42 More to Go

Flint Laying Off 261

Chesaning Union Lays Off 25

Chesaning Laying Off 16 Teachers

Grand Blanc sends 25 packing

Flint County asks: Furloughs or Layoffs?

Midland Looking to Lay Off 18

Bay City Mid-Year Cuts

Saginaw County Teachers Doing Their Homework on New Retirement Offer

Bay City Agrees to Concessions: Higher Deductibles, Pay Freezes, etc.

Bay County Schools Weigh Effects of Class Sizes, Programs after 150 Retirees

Official List of Bay County Educational Retirees

Bay City Anticipates 80+ Retirements, but will it Save Money?

Economic Conditions Affect Schools Across the Country
Bay City Schools to Cut $1 Million
Bay City to Balance Budget with Layoffs
Midland Cuts Approved
Saginaw Schools Buy Out Plan may avoid Layoffs
Saginaw Township Teachers Worry about Cuts
Saginaw Township Cuts Two Elementary Guidance Counselors
Flint Parents Turning to Charter Schools with School Closings
Flint Public Schools Lays off 257 Staff
Flint Public Schools to lay off 200; close 12 schools
Flushing Schools to cut $1.4 to 2 million from budget
52 Laid Off at Flint Kearsley
Fenton Lays Off 14

Mid-Michigan Area (Lansing State Journal)

Lansing Approves 95 Layoffs and Privitization of Busing

Lansing to cut 4 administrators

Lansing Teachers Brace for Art, Music and PE Layoffs

Potterville Contract Negotiations

Which School Will Lansing Axe: Sexton or Eastern?

Norovirus sickens over 200, closes Mount Pleasant Schools

Lansing Schools Save Nearly $5 Million in Benefits

Owosso may drop Alternative Program

Lansing Teachers Ratify Contract to Save Jobs

Lansing Considering Closing 3 Schools

Lansing Mid-Year Cuts

Fowlerville Lays Off 12

10 Laker Teachers Choose Buy Out

Waverly, East Lansing Cope with Bigger Budget Cuts

East Lansing Looks at Closing Schools

Owosso cutting 41

Ingham ISD approves $1.4 million in Cuts

Tough Cuts Ahead

East Lansing and Grand Ledge Mid-Year Cuts

Lansing Waverly Issues Mid-Year Layoff Notices

East Lansing cutting 12 Teachers at the Semester

St. Johns cuts 4 positions

Lansing School District lays off 170
41 Accept Buy Out from Mount Pleasant Schools

Jackson/Lenawee County Areas

Columbia Sends 14 Teachers Out on Layoff

Reading Lays Off 2

51 Jackson Teacher Layoff Names Announced includes 2 Counselors

Morenci Lays off 8 Teachers

Adrian Teachers Reject Contract

Leslie Teachers Drop MESSA

Michigan Center Approves Budget

Lots of Layoffs in Jackson County

Hanover-Horton Approves $1 Million in Cuts

Grass Lake to Lay Off 4 Teachers

Jackson Contract Agreement Could Reduce Layoffs

Jackson gives 57 Teachers Lay Off Notices (Specific List of Teachers)

Jackson Public Schools Budget Would Eliminate 76 Positions

East Jackson Lays Off 14

Adrian Eyeing 12

Lenawee ISD Cutting and Furloughing

Concord Lays Off 6 Teachers including a Counselor

Retirement Incentive Entices 330 Jackson Area Employees including 160 Teachers

Official List of Jackson Area Educational Retirees

Jackson ISD calls back 13

Jackson Reaches Agreements with Unions

Jackson Public Schools Approves 44 Teacher Retirements

Jackson County School Districts Could Lose 200 to Retirement

Hudson to Lay Off 8 More

Grass Lake cuts 13

Lenawee County begins Academy with Jackson CC

Jackson Area Schools Feel Budget Crunch Effect

Concord eliminates 4 positions

Jackson Health Insurance Increases 24%

Grass Lake Announces Additional Reductions

Jackson ISD looks for Layoffs and Privitization for Financial Woes

Adrian Looks at Budget with Retirements

Counselor Cut at Adrian Schools

Hudson Exits 3 at Mid-Year

Unemployment in Jackson County at 13.4%--Highest in 25 Years
Jackson Area School Districts Forced to Reduce Staff to Balance Budgets
Jackson Western Approved Retirement Incentive for 6 Teachers
Jackson Western District lays off 10 teachers-first in 25 years
Jackson Northwest Furloughs 11 Employees
Negotiations stalled at Jackson Northwest Schools
Jackson Public School's $66 million budget has a variety of cuts
Jackson Public Schools Approved Budget and Teacher Contract
Napoleon Schools Lay Off 2 Administrators
Napoleon Schools Vote to Cut 7 Teachers
Hudson Cuts 7
Fewer Cuts Expected for Jackson Area Schools

Monroe County & Southern Michigan

Bedford to Lay Off 17

Bedford to Close Elementary

Temperance Bedford to Lay Off One Third of All Teaching Staff: 103 Teachers

Monroe Issues Layoff Notices to All 343 Teachers

Monroe Sending Pink Slips

Blissfield anticipates laying off 6 teachers

Monroe gives Notices to 200

Toledo to Close 2 Schools and Lay Off 116
3 Guidance Counselors Laid Off at Monroe Schools
Erie-Mason Schools Cuts Counselor
Bedford Schools Pink Slip 46 Employees


The Truth About The Economy

Michigan becomes first state to adopt National Standards

Ranking Michigan Schools on Math/Language Arts Improvement

New Teachers Face Harsh Reality: Michigan School Hiring is Bleak

Michigan Schools Closing Doors: 40 Districts, 75 Buildings

Teacher BuyOuts Could Prove to be Too Popular

Major Cuts: High Schools Face Hard Economic Times

A Career in Education, 2010

Teacher World Blog

Teachers Facing Weakest Market in Years, Michigan State University advises Teaching Grads to look Out of State

50% of Michigan Families affected by Unemployment

100,000 Teachers Nationwide Face Layoffs

Granholm's No Worker Left Behind Failing just like the Michigan "Promise" Scholarship

Detroit Denby Principal Carries a Baseball Bat, perhaps the Governor should issue Baseball Bats to all Teachers

Teacher Buyouts Could Prove to be Popular

Districts re-negotiate Benefits

Michigan Lawmakers target "deal" on Teacher Retirement; 40-50,000 eligible to Retire with Proposal

NEA Job Loss Summary as of April 16, 2010

Layoff Notices Sent to Tens of Thousands; Over 8,000 in Michigan

Thousands in Education lose jobs across the USA

Area Teachers Brace for Layoffs

Former Willow Run Superintendent Going for Top Job in Illinois

Former Willow Run Superintendent Accused of Misappropriating Funds

Michigan Senate proposes more cuts to school funding

After Losing Jobs, Few Older Workers are Up for Re-Training

School District Checkbooks Online

New Bill would cap Teacher Pay at $79,650, same as a Legislator; Administrator at $132,750 75% of Governor

Grand Rapids puts core classes online

Obama to keep, but change No Child Left Behind

Uniform Curriculum for 48 States

Michigan exodus continues: Is the State Dying?

50% of Michigan University Graduated Leaving the State

Many States offering a plan to let students enroll in college after 10th grade

Utah may eliminate Senior Year to Save Money

Message from State of Michigan Budget Office

10 Pupil Accounting Days per School Year???

42 States have cut School Services

Michigan Fails to earn Federal Funds in Race to the Top Competition

Michigan is amongst 10 States with Budget Disasters

40% of Teachers Don't Like Their Job: Disheartened and Disappointed

MEA Staffers enjoy raises in Pay as Union Dues Increase

MEA: Overpaying Staff, Carrying Too Much Debt

MEA: $124 Million in Debt

MEA: $42 per Pupil Extortion

MEA Members Pay $66 Million in Dues and Fees

Age Discrimination: Hard to Prove, but a Fact in Job Crisis

Mackinaw Center: Let's Compare Michigan School District Finances 2004-2010

No Automatic Pay Hikes Without a Contract (that unions can't negotiate) under HB 4152

Surplus restores $310 Million to Schools

43 Michigan School Districts operating in Deficit, More to Come under Rick Snyder's Leadership

All Public Employees to Pay 20% of Health Care Costs Per New Bill

The High Cost of Low Teacher Salaries

Make Our School a Prison Plea from Ithaca Superintendent

Teachers Take a 12% Pay Cut Compared to Private Sector

190 Make over $100,000 at Grand Valley

$100,000 is the Pay Norm for Professors at Grand Rapids CC

Bill Would Freeze Teacher Pay

Bill Seeks to Halt Step Raises for Michigan Teachers

High Teacher Salaries Under Scrutiny in Michigan

An Update on State Budget Cuts-National Picture

Schools hoping Edujobs Cash to Offset Cuts

MEA Lays Off 25 after losing 3,000 members and freezes salaries

Update on New Teacher Contracts

Public Employee Salary Links: Sunshine Review

Study Finds Growing Work for School Counselors

East Jackson Hires Dean, Public Reverses Decision

Less than one week from start of school and many Detroit teachers don't know their assignments

Plymouth-Canton hires 83 new teachers

92 Worst Schools in Michigan are Identified

88 in Ann Arbor top the $100,000 salary level