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Timing is everything! The service gives you daily updates for new job postings. Some job postings may run a week, possibly two or three weeks while others may have posting deadlines of only a few days. If you miss the job posting deadline, you won’t be considered for the opportunity.
Although Applitrack is a great service for school districts and prospective employees, not every school district uses it. Job opportunities may be lost by simply counting on it as your primary job hunting source. Some job opportunities may be disguised or hidden as a result of job titles or ambiguous postings.
If you are busy with your current job, family, avocations, social commitments, etc., the time it takes to devote to finding jobs weekly may take many hours away from more pressing and urgent obligations. The service allows you to meet those obligations, takes away the time burden, and still keeps you up to date on job opportunities.
There is a lack of support in a job search, and the service provides feedback on your resume, cover letter, and other aspects of your job search if you choose to utilize it. My 25 years of experience and expertise in Michigan Educational Job searching may prove beneficial to you in your job search process.
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K-12 Elementary and Secondary Jobs (30,000 in 2010; 40,000+ in 2011&2012)

Most Popular Michigan School Ancillary Job Postings 2011-2016 Total 2011 Job Postings Total 2012 Job Postings Total 2013 Job Postings Total 2014 Job Postings Total 2015 Job Postings Total 2016 Job Postings
Guidance Counselor 188+ 195+ 224+ 259+ 262+ 108+
Social Worker 128+ 104+ 133+ 120+ 130+ 44+
Speech Therapist/Pathologist 116+ 107+ 94+ 57+ 81+ 36+
School Psychologist 73+ 82+ 81+ 57+ 99+ 36+
Librarian/Media Specialist 36+ 29+ 25+ 15+ 25+ 10+
Occupational Therapist 29+ 36+ 24+ 6+ 23+ 9+
Physical Therapist 15+ 16+ 11+ 6+ 13+ 4+
Nurse 10+ 33+ 20+ 13+ 22+ 15+

School Psychologist Loses Appeal over Pension

The "free" summaries of past years will show you the format used and give you a preview of the services.

Social Worker Jobs in Michigan

Michigan Social Worker 2009-2015 Job Postings

School Psychologist Jobs in Michigan

Michigan School Psychologist 2009-2015 Job Postings

Speech Therapist and Pathologist Jobs in Michigan

Michigan School Speech & Language Pathologist/Therapist 2009-2015 Job Postings

Michigan Librarian/Media Specialist Jobs 2009-2015 Job Postings

Michigan Occupational Therapist 2009-2015 Job Postings

Michigan Physical Therapist 2009-2015 Job Postings

Michigan School Nurse 2009-2015 Job Postings

Caveats on Job Postings, Password Access and/or Problems

Historical Summary of Michigan School Guidance Counselor Job Postings 2003-2016

Year Total Postings























2005 122+
2004 132+
2003 103+

2015 Michigan School Counselor Job Postings Update: May 29, 2016

Historical Summary of Michigan School Guidance Counselor Job Postings

2015 Michigan School Guidance Counselor Job Postings

Michigan School Administrator Job Postings

Superintendent Compensation Database ($300,000+ per year; 79 districts over $200,000, 505 districts over $100,000)

Patricia Green of Ann Arbor is Highest Paid Superintendent in the State

Historical Summary of Michigan School Administrator Job Postings

Summary of Michigan School Administrative Postings Total





















2006 641+
2005 659+
2004 555+
2003 278+

Michigan School Administrator Job Update: May 29, 2016:

Michigan School Administrator Job Postings in 2015

Higher Education

Higher Education

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Athletic Director facing sex charges on student assaults

Leslie Teacher, 31, accused of Inappropriate Relationship with Student, 14

Port Huron Special Education Teacher to End Career on a Sour Note

Tecumseh Teacher Resigns after Allegations of Inappropriate Relationship with Student

Novi Teacher Charged with Criminal Sexual Conduct

Centreville Teacher arraigned on 9 counts of Criminal Sexual Conduct

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